Today we travel to Navarre to discover one of its 3 natural parks: Urbasa and Andía.

This protected area, which owes its name to the Urbasa and Andía mountain ranges, was declared in 1997 to protect the great geological, biological, archaeological and cultural values contained in its more than 21,000 hectares, with the aim of making them compatible with traditional uses (grazing and lumbering) and incorporating other uses, such as ecotourism , which was becoming more and more common in these mountains.

If there is one thing that stands out in this protected area, it is the beech forests, which provided wood for centuries to this region and to a large part of the country, and which today continue to provide this resource, in accordance with the management plans for these forests.

These forests, with their centenary trees, have become a great tourist attraction which, especially in autumn, take visitors to a world of fantasy, among large boulders of limestone rock, under the canopy of these trees full of magic and history.

After seeing these images, we have no doubt that you will want to visit the Urbasa y Andía Natural Park.

In today’s episode of Protected Lives we meet Monika and Patxi.

These siblings, from the small Navarrese village of Eulate, are the fourth generation of a family of shepherds who, following tradition, go up every spring with their latxas sheep to the mountain meadows of the Urbasa and Andía natural park. There, wrapped in a feeling of freedom, our protagonists will spend the summer with their sheep, milking them by hand until the cold starts to set in and then return to the village with the whole flock to protect them from the harsh winter. Watch this episode and join us on this transhumance to discover more about their work and the link between these passionate shepherds and cheese makers and this protected area.